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Connie Bruck
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3: Chapter 14, Sovereign Privileges.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Drexel Burnham Lambert agree to let Milken move his operation at a cost of millions of dollars?
(a) Milken threatened to leave.
(b) Milken was then major stock holder in the company.
(c) Milken had some inside information he could use in L. A.
(d) Milken was responsible for almost all of the firm's profits.

2. Why did the LTV situation not affect Drexel?
(a) Drexel used its own money to secure the LTV bonds.
(b) Drexel engineered a second buyout of LTV.
(c) Drexel pointed out the way LTV misused junk bonds.
(d) The thrifts that collapsed and the defaults that occurred were not among Milken's customers

3. How did the firm now have equity stakes in most of the companies that it financed?
(a) by demanding larger stakes in the companies
(b) by using the firm's capital to finance the companies
(c) by swapping Chinese paper for stock in the companies
(d) by buying stakes in many companies instead of financing them

4. Where did most of the money come from when Icahn actually acquired ACF, a railroad car leasing company?
(a) Ichan sold all of his Milken junk bonds.
(b) Ichan got the money from his uncle.
(c) Milken financed much of the price.
(d) Much of the purchase price came from the sale of some of the company's divisions.

5. What did the Milken Group do in 1983?
(a) started buying up real estate in Los Angeles
(b) cancel the annual Preditors' Ball
(c) began making large charitable contributions
(d) moved from Century City to a building at Wilshire Boulevard and Rodeo Drive

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was behind the success of both First Executive and Columbia Savings?

2. What made a Wickes takeover so attractive to Sanford Sigoloff?

3. What was Perelman planning to do when he took over Pantry Pride in 1985?

4. What was Ichan able to do after he got a seat on the board of Tappan?

5. What was the estate they bought?

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