Daily Lessons for Teaching The Predators' Ball

Connie Bruck
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Lesson 1 (from Part 1: Chapter 1, The Miner's Headlamp)


Part 1: Chapter 1, The Miner's Headlamp

The student will participate in an introduction to Milken and the Predators' Ball.

The student will characterize the fit between Milken and Drexel and Milken's brilliant mind.


1. The teacher, using the prologue and any other relevant material on Milken, leads a group discussion about the times, the LTO (leveraged take over), and the impact Milken had on investments of the 1980s. Devote some time to the irony of the name, The Predators' Ball. Discuss what that name suggests about Milken, Drexel, and the guests who clamored for invitations to the Ball.

2. Beginning with Chapter 1, the teacher indicates passages from the text which draw a picture of Milken. Discuss his appearance, his obvious intelligence, his inability to get along with older, less educated workers, and the fact that he did not fit the Wall Street mold. Formulate a psychological picture of...

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