The Predators' Ball Fun Activities

Connie Bruck
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Invite an Investment Banker

Invite an investment banker to come to class and discuss junk bonds.

Plan a Proxy Fight

Pretend you are trying to take over a large company. Plan out the things you need to do a proxy fight.


Watch the movie WALL STREET in class and hold a discussion afterwards.

Bond Listings

Collect information about current bond listings and bring them to class for discussion.


Using the board game Monopoly, arrange houses, hotels, and utilities on the board to show what happens when you go bankrupt.

Be There at the Hotels

Collect pictures of the Beverly Hills Hotel and the Beverly Hilton Hotel to display on the classroom walls.

Most Likely to Succeed

Vote in class on the person you think is the one most likely to succeed in business in the future.

Limerick Contest

Write limericks about big business and...

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