The Predators' Ball Character Descriptions

Connie Bruck
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Michael Milken

The junk bond trading king that was behind some of the biggest of the corporate raiders until he was charged with insider trading and stock fraud by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Carl Icahn

A Princeton graduate, he became an expert at greenmail and eventually became involved in hostile takeovers.

Ronald Perleman

The corporate raider who acquired Pantry Pride and Revlon.

Victor Posner

Many of his properties went bankrupt and, in 1986, he was convicted of federal income tax evasion.

Carl Lindner

He built his own business into a major supermarket chain before entering the world of finance and would eventually be charged with fraud and manipulation.

Fred Joseph

He became the public face of Milken who preferred to stay out of the limelight.

Saul Steinberg

The founder of Leasco, a computer leasing business, he used Leasco paper to take over the much larger Reliance Insurance Company...

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