The Predators' Ball Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Connie Bruck
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Part 1: Chapter 1, The Miner's Headlamp

• The origins and explanation of the Predators' Ball are detailed in the prologue.

• Milken is presented with his somewhat anti-social behavior and his frugality.

• Milken began part time work with Drexel but he was gruff with old timers who could not master the switch to computers.

• Like Milken, Drexel did not have the Ivy League credentials of the big Wall Street firms.
• Milken became fascinated by bond trading and the bond ratings.

• It was the Chinese paper bonds that Milken saw as a great potential.

• When crisis hit Wall Street in the early 1970s, Drexel gave $2-million to Milken to keep him from leaving.

• Milken demanded his own organization which became known as The Department and soon gained a reputation for successful cashless deals.

Part 1: Chapter 2, Dr. Feelgood

• Introduce Fred Joseph as Dr. Feelgood and how he and Milken turned out to be...

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