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Short Answer Questions

1. Folly considers emotions to be what in relation to wisdom?

2. How does Folly describe the whole life of man?

3. Folly is in poor repute even amongst whom?

4. Folly states that men create art because of a thirst for what?

5. Erasmus predicts that his book will be criticized as being what?

Short Essay Questions

1. In his Prefatory Letter, why did Erasmus marvel at the sensitivity of present-day ears?

2. What does Folly think of people who hire someone else to praise themselves?

3. Why does Folly consider her presence to be essential to friendship?

4. Why did Erasmus consider it unjust not to allow relaxations to those in the academic world?

5. What does Folly say was her effect upon her audience?

6. What does Folly do for the elderly?

7. According to Folly, do philosophers make good kings?

8. Why is Folly dressed in unaccustomed garb?

9. Does Folly agree with those who say that it is conceited to praise one's self?

10. Why did Erasmus ask More to be a champion of Folly?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In his Prefatory Letter, Erasmus anticipates the criticism that his book is too frivolous for a theologian. How does he respond to the charge? Having read the book, how would you respond? Include specific citations from the book in your answer.

Essay Topic 2

Folly's main argument is that she brings happiness to men. Explain and give three examples of men who are made happier by Folly. Would you agree?

Essay Topic 3

Why does Folly claim divinity? How does she compare herself to the other gods? How is she worshiped?

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