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Short Answer Questions

1. Who are the two gods in Folly's household?

2. According to Folly, who shows the way to perfect wisdom?

3. According to Folly, who provides all advantages in life?

4. In which year did Erasmus date his Prefatory Letter?

5. According to Folly, what kind of man is unlucky in regards to children?

Short Essay Questions

1. Did Erasmus consider The Praise of Folly too frivolous for a theologian?

2. Describe Folly's birthplace.

3. Why did Erasmus ask More to be a champion of Folly?

4. How does Folly explain that Self-love is related to her?

5. Does Folly have a good opinion of the children of wise men?

6. How does Folly describe her reputation?

7. Why is Folly dressed in unaccustomed garb?

8. Where was Erasmus when he was writing The Praise of Folly?

9. How does Folly describe her parentage?

10. In his Prefatory Letter, why did Erasmus marvel at the sensitivity of present-day ears?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Define the character Folly. Describe her attributes and benefits. What are three things she gives to mankind?

Essay Topic 2

"There is merit in being attacked by Folly." Is the converse also true? Show three examples from the book in which Erasmus intended to attack with his praise.

Essay Topic 3

In his Prefatory Letter, Erasmus anticipates the criticism that his book is too frivolous for a theologian. How does he respond to the charge? Having read the book, how would you respond? Include specific citations from the book in your answer.

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