The Practice of the Presence of God Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Brother Lawrence
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Essay Topic 1

Brother Lawrence was a soldier.

Part 1) In what war was he a soldier? What were his experiences as a soldier? How might his experiences compare to those of a soldier today? Why?

Part 2) Why might he have become a soldier? What does this reveal about Brother Lawrence? What does this also reveal about the time in which he lived?

Part 3) What happened to him during this war? How did this affect his decisions later in life? How might this have aided him when giving advice to others?

Essay Topic 2

Lawrence moves to a monastery after his conversion.

Part 1) When does his conversion take place? Why does it take place? How does it permanently affect him?

Part 2) Why does he decide to move to a monastery? How does this life suit him? Why?

Part 3) Would Brother Lawrence have been able to practice his religious exercises and beliefs...

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