The Practice of the Presence of God Character Descriptions

Brother Lawrence
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Brother Lawrence

This collection includes conversations with and letters from this character.


To Brother Lawrence, this character exists as nearly a bodily presence. He speaks of this character's presence as a force that he can sense.

Joseph de Beaufort

The conversations that open this volume occur between this character and Lawrence during Lawrence's later years in the monastery.

Mr. Fieubert

In his first conversation with Beaufort, Lawrence describes his first employment by this character, the king's treasurer.

Unknown Recipient

As was the custom of the time, none of Lawrence's letters include the name of this character.

Young Soldier

A few letters are addressed to this character.

A Nun

As was mentioned, a few of the letters appear to go to this character. Some speculate that she could be a relative of Lawrence's.

Man who is Sixty-Four

At eighty, Lawrence writes to this character. He offers advice about...

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