The Practice of the Presence of God Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Brother Lawrence
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• Brother Lawrence, the writer of the letters in this volume, was born Nicholas Herman in 1610, in France. In his youth, he receives education both at home and in the church.
• He fights in the Thirty Year's War, where he receives an injury that results in a lifetime of chronic pain.

• Shortly after his conversion experience, he lives in the wilderness in the manner of church fathers.
• In an effort to achieve personal discipline, Lawrence enters the monastery.
• Surprisingly to himself, he enjoys his simple life there.

• First, he works as a cook in the monastery in Paris, then, after fifteen years, he moves to sandal repair.
• Joseph de Beaufort, who records his own conversations with Brother Lawrence, first publishes Lawrence's work after his death.
• Beaufort remembers that Lawrence advises him to seek God anytime and anywhere. Lawrence dies in 1691, after enjoying forty years in the presence of...

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