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Robin Behn
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Short Answer Questions

1. "Five Easy Pieces" actually has how many steps?

2. In "Dramatic Monologue: Carving the Voice, Carving the Masks," students are instructed to write a:

3. In this section, the word "self" may bring an image of what item?

4. What tool is the student asked to use to create in this section?

5. How many words should students chant?

Short Essay Questions

1. What type of audience is most suited to the exercise in "The Widow?"

2. Explain the purpose of presenting exercises to be used in groups.

3. Explain the purpose of "Translations: Idea to Change."

4. What is the general purpose of THE PRACTICE OF POETRY by Robin Behn?

5. What will students gain by completing the exercise in "First Words?"

6. What is the purpose of "The Unconscious As Gold Mine?"

7. Why does Rita Dove choose to use a kitchen as a point of reference for a poem?

8. Explain the four abstractions and what students are required to do with them.

9. Why is it important to teach beginning poets about the use of specific images?

10. Why is it important to experience writing in another person's voice?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast the opinions of Lynn Emanuel with the other four authors in the final section. You may also reference earlier opinions on revisions.

Essay Topic 2

Ann Lauterbach introduces students to a new way of looking at language in "First Words." Explain Lauterbach's beliefs regarding beginning poets and their preconceived notions. Do you agree think that preconceived notions of language can be a hindrance? Are the preconceptions more or less difficult when working with a foreign language as opposed to English? How can one overcome these preconceived notions and habits? Give an example of at least three words that may conjure up preconceived notions and create an alternative view for each.

Essay Topic 3

In "Estrangement and Reconciliation: The Self has it Out with the Self" Leslie Ullman requires the poet to have a poetic argument with oneself. What is the purpose of the exercise? Choose one of the following:

1. Write a series of poems featuring the two sides of self involved in an ethical dilemma. Be sure to represent each side equally.

2. Write a series of poems from the perspective of a person with a personality disorder, such as multiple personalities.

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