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Robin Behn
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Seven. Major and Minor Surgery: On Revision and Writer's Block A. Exercises.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. "The Peasant Wedding" uses art from which famous artist?
(a) Pollock.
(b) Picasso.
(c) Manet.
(d) Bruegel.

2. Students are encouraged to use unusual words through which method?
(a) Adding prefixes and suffixes.
(b) Googling "unusual words."
(c) Creating adjectives.
(d) Writing in Pig Latin.

3. What poet is used as a reference?
(a) Eliot .
(b) Bronte.
(c) Morrison.
(d) Bishop.

4. Who wrote "Dramatic Monologue: Carving the Voice, Carving the Masks?"
(a) McMillian.
(b) St. Andrew.
(c) St. John.
(d) Mitchell.

5. This exercise may require students to use what as an aid?
(a) Thesaurus.
(b) Fellow student.
(c) Dictionary.
(d) Erasable ink.

Short Answer Questions

1. "One's-Self, En Masse" begins with a quote by which famous poet?

2. Who caught the handkerchief?

3. What tool is the student asked to use to create in this section?

4. In "Free-Verse Lineation," what is the format used in the original poem?

5. "The Party of the Century" is what type of exercise?

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