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Short Answer Questions

1. What had Covenant been given to sustain him during the time he was controlled by Raver Triock?

2. After his healing, what river does Covenant come to after he leaves the forest?

3. What creatures rescue Covenant and Foamfollower from a mud pit?

4. After the moon's evil light appears, how close do arrows get when they are shot towards Satansfist?

5. Who grabs Covenant just as he is about to attempt a dash inside the Creche?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the creatures that save Foamfollower and Covenant from the mud pit?

2. In Chapter 15, how does Satansfist escalate the battle after dark?

3. Why can't Covenant and Foamfollower accept the food offered by the jheherrin?

4. What does Foamfollower do when he is taunted by Kinslaughterer?

5. Why might it be possible for Covenant to approach the Creche unnoticed?

6. Why don't the Warward have to carry of the burden of the battle as it continues in Chapter 15?

7. Why do the jheherrin fear Lord Foul?

8. What is the one last thing that Covenant has to tell Bannor and Foamfollower?

9. How did Mhoram stay warm after Loerya left him?

10. Why was Foul able to call Elena from the dead?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Foamfollower believes that he betrayed his kinfolk. Discuss Foamfollower's abandonment of his kinfolk and why he believes he betrayed them.

Essay Topic 2

In the first three chapters of the book, Covenant seems to be torn between horrors. Discuss the horrors in Covenant's life and why he feels torn between them.

Essay Topic 3

Covenant meets Lena again during the battle of Mithil Stonedown. Discuss the relationship between Covenant, Lena, and Elena.

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