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Short Answer Questions

1. Who are the first people that Foul causes Covanant to see?

2. What color cloak does the healer woman wear?

3. When Covenant meets the mud creatures, how long has it been since he has had adequate rest?

4. What river is near the Colossus?

5. As Foul torments Covenant with the illness of his body and visions of people he knows, where does Covenant appear to be standing?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do Bannor and Foamfollower do when they finally find Covenant after the battle at the Ramen covert?

2. Who is the Giant who is to kill Foamfollower in the Creche?

3. What does Mhoram want the Gravelingases to do to help Revelstone endure Satansfist's mental attack?

4. What does Foul's Creche look like?

5. What must the Ranyhyn have done to answer Mhoram's call?

6. What power can Foul command because he has the Illearth Stone?

7. How does Mhoram defend against the dead that Satansfist raises and sends against Revelstone?

8. Why might it be possible for Covenant to approach the Creche unnoticed?

9. Why does the sight of Foamfollower and Bannor fill Covenant with horror when he sees them in Chapter 16?

10. Why do Satansfist and his army do nothing after Mhoram stops the mental attack?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

After he is healed, Covenant realizes that it is impossible for him to challenge the Despiser. Discuss the reasons why Covenant cannot challenge the Despiser.

Essay Topic 2

When Covenant is summoned to the Land, the author uses symbolism to describe the process as if it were a death and rebirth. Discuss how summoning is like a death and rebirth.

Essay Topic 3

Loerya Trevormate wishes that Covenant be summoned again to help them defeat Satansfist, but Mhoram refuses to do so. Discuss why Trevormate and Mhoram disagree about the need to summon Covenant again.

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