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Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Triock plan to swing northwest as he travels to find the Unfettered One?

2. How old is the little girl who is threatened by a snake?

3. What color robe does Mhoram wear when he addresses Satansfist for the first time after the army surrounds Lord's Keep?

4. Who is Mhoram's mother?

5. What are the flames that Triock and Quirrel see when they collapse in the snow from exhaustion?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is going to happen to Covenant's property in Chapter 1?

2. Why does Triock only take two companions to find the Unfettered One?

3. What do the three creatures from the army at Mithil Stonedown look like who crush a house?

4. Why are the kresh to be feared?

5. How are the outer gates of Lord's Keep built for defense?

6. Why does Covenant resist Mhoram's summoning?

7. What is proof to Covenant that the Land is a dream or delusion?

8. What does Mhoram say when Trevor says that Revelstone is the last preserver of the Land?

9. Why does Covenant tell Lena he cannot marry her?

10. Why does Covenant call the Department of Defense?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The Colossus is a high monolithic fist of stone that Covenant sees after Raver Triock captures him. Discuss the Colossus, its purpose and why it wasn't destroyed by Elena.

Essay Topic 2

Loerya Trevormate wishes that Covenant be summoned again to help them defeat Satansfist, but Mhoram refuses to do so. Discuss why Trevormate and Mhoram disagree about the need to summon Covenant again.

Essay Topic 3

Lena asks Covenant to marry her. Discuss how the proposal makes Covenant feel and how he convinces Lena that he cannot marry her.

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