The Power That Preserves Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What is going to happen to Covenant's property in Chapter 1?

The township council intends to have Covenant's property rezoned. They want to zone his farm industrial and prohibit residential use. If that happens, he will have to move.

2. What does Covenant's lawyer want him to do?

Covenant's lawyer wants him to come to her office. She will dig into his situation and determine how to proceed. They can plan a strategy that will solve his problems.

3. Why does Covenant call the Department of Defense?

Covenant calls the Department of Defense to locate Hile Troy. The man has been in his dreams, and Covenant wants to find out if the man is real or a figment of his imagination.

4. What happens after Covenant tells Dr. Johnson that he is a leper?

After Covenant tells Dr. Johnson that he is a leper, Johnson speaks very softly and threatens Covenant. Then he has Matthew Logan take him out of the meeting. Logan also threatens Covenant. Then he throws him outside on the bare dirt of the parade ground.

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