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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 18-20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who comes to find Covenant and Lena after the enemy comes to the Ramen covert?
(a) Jain.
(b) Pietten.
(c) Bannor.
(d) Foamfollower.

2. What does Covenant eat for breakfast the day after his summoning?
(a) Stew.
(b) Porridge.
(c) Crusts of bread.
(d) Unleavened bread and treasure-berries.

3. What passage of the Bible does Matthew Logan read at the tent meeting?
(a) Jeremiah 33.
(b) Leviticus 26.
(c) Job 14.
(d) Isaiah 54.

4. Where did a huge pack of kresh destroy a whole population leaving nothing but torn clothes and splinters of bone?
(a) Gleam Stonedown.
(b) Revelwood.
(c) Soaring Woodhelven.
(d) Garroting Deep.

5. When Covenant is summoned by Triock and Foamfollower, what place does he come to in the Land?
(a) Revelstone.
(b) Plains of Ra.
(c) Kevin's Watch.
(d) Roamsedge Ford.

Short Answer Questions

1. Twenty-eight days after the mental attack is broken, what color is the moon?

2. What is the little girl's father's name?

3. Where is Covenant when he sees the Staff of Law?

4. After the red-green veins of power appear, when do families begin locking themselves in their rooms?

5. How long does it take Satansfist to move his army from Revelwood to the Lord's Keep?

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