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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1-3)


In Chapter 1, Covenant is looking for help. The objective of this lesson is to discuss why Covenant is looking for help.


1) Writing assignment: Write a paragraph or two discussing Covenant's physical problems. Where is Covenant wounded? What disease does he have? What physical problems does the disease cause? Is Covenant only seeking help for his physical problems?

2) Partner discussion: What conflict is Covenant struggling with regarding a woman named Elena? Who is the first person he wants to call? Why did he decide she couldn't help him with his mental struggles? Who did he call next? How did he think she might have been able to help? Why did he call the Defense Department? What does Covenant's mental state have to do with his need for help?

3) Class discussion: What sounds did Covenant hear on Thursday night? What did the sounds lead him to? How...

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