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Research leprosy and prepare an oral or written report discussing what you learned.

The Lord's Furl

Make the Lord's Furl, the flag of the Council.


With a group, reenact a scene from the book.

A Clay Figure

Use clay to shape a figure like Elena's marrowmeld sculpture.

The Creatures and Peoples of the Land

Make a booklet of the creatures and peoples of the Land. Include a summary that describes each of these creatures and people.

Covenant's World and the Land

Use a Venn diagram to compare and contrast Covenant's world with the Land.


Use a timeline to show the events that happen in the novel.


Create an illustrated glossary using some of the words in the back of the novel.

Poster Advertisement

Make a poster advertising the book.

Book Review

Write a book review of "The Power that Preserves."


Create a diorama...

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