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Essay Topic 1

In Chapter 1, Covenant is looking for help. Discuss the reasons why he wants help and the type of help that he needs.

Essay Topic 2

Mhoram has a secret that he is keeping from the Council. Discuss the Mhoram's secret and why he is keeping the secret from the Council.

Essay Topic 3

In the first three chapters of the book, Covenant seems to be torn between horrors. Discuss the horrors in Covenant's life and why he feels torn between them.

Essay Topic 4

Discuss Revelwood and the battle there.

Essay Topic 5

Mhoran decides that Covenant must be summoned back to the Land. Discuss the pros and cons of summoning Covenant.

Essay Topic 6

Satansfist brings his army to Revelstone. Discuss Satansfist's battle plan.

Essay Topic 7

Mhoram and the other Lords struggle to defend Revelstone against Satansfist and his army. Discuss how Mhoram and the other Lords defend Revelstone.

Essay Topic 8

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