The Power That Preserves Character Descriptions

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Thomas Covenant

This character is a leper who is hated because of his disease and who has experiences in a land he believes is mythical.

Saltheart Foamfollower

This character is a giant and the last of his race.


This character was raped and became pregnant.

High Lord Mhoram

This character is responsible for defending Revelstone, and he summons a semi-hero to come to the rescue of the Land.


This character is a Bloodguard who had been assigned to protect the Lords but now works with horses.


This character is a Stonedowner whose love was raped.

Lord Foul

This character causes despair and fear among people.

High Lord Elena

This character is brought back from death to serve the destroyer of the Land.


This character becomes fearful during an attack upon Revelstone and begins to destroy the place rather than allow the opposing armies have...

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