The Power of Six Short Essay - Answer Key

Pittacus Lore
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1. Where is Marina and how does she fit in with the group of children there?

Marina is in a Catholic orphanage run by nuns at a convent. She is the oldest of thirty seven orphans who reside here and has been since the previous girl turned eighteen and left.

2. When will Marina turn eighteen and what is the significance of her eighteenth birthday?

The birthday Marina and Adelina created for her when she arrived will make her eighteenth birthday in just five months at which time she can either leave, or commit to a life in the church.

3. What does Marina do in order to get her turn on the computer and why does she have to leave the computer before she's done?

There are only three minutes left before Marin has to go to evening prayers. Finally, in frustration, Marina uses her mind to move the chairs the other computer users are sitting on just enough to make them flee the room. Marin sits down, and begins loading the page for news when the first bell rings, announcing that there is just one minute left. Only half the page is up when Sister Dora calls her name. Knowing she has no choice, she closes the browser, despite knowing there was more news.

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