Objects & Places from The Power of Six

Pittacus Lore
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Santa Teresa

The convent that Number Six and her Cepan live.

Calle Principal

The main road through town.

Picos de Europa Mountains

Mountains in Spain where Santa Teresa convent is located.

Paradise, Ohio

The location of the most recent encounter John and Henri faced with the Mogadorians.

Trucksville, North Carolina

Where the shabby motel room that John and Six recover in after their battle with the Mogadorians.

West Virginia

Where the Mogardorians have a cave that Six has seen.

Loric Chests

Given to each of the Garde to be safeguarded by their Cepans.

El Festin

The grand dinner that follows Mass on Sundays at Santa Teresa.

Marina's Cave

This opens up to an almost perfect polygon with five walls and a stream that cuts through the back right hand corner.


Loric gifts given to the nine Garde that left Lorien for Earth.

Mogagorian's Mountain Cave

A labyrinth...

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