The Power of Six Multiple Choice Test Questions

Pittacus Lore
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Chapters One and Two

1. For what is Marina waiting?
(a) A message from one of the Chimaera.
(b) Her brother to appear.
(c) For her turn on the computer.
(d) Dinner.

2. How many orphans reside where Marina lives?
(a) 37.
(b) 77.
(c) 105.
(d) 10.

3. Where does Marina fall in age in relation to the other orphans?
(a) Youngest.
(b) In the middle.
(c) Oldest.
(d) She and three others are all the same age and are the youngest.

4. When will Marina turn eighteen?
(a) In two and a half years.
(b) In five months.
(c) In one year.
(d) In four years.

5. What choice will Marina have to make when she turns eighteen?
(a) To go to try and find her brother.
(b) To commit to a life in the church or stay and help in the orphanage as a lay person.
(c) To return to her own planet and stay on earth.
(d) To commit to a life in the church or leave the home.

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