The Power of Six Fun Activities

Pittacus Lore
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Build a model of a spaceship from any available materials that might be one that could have brought John and Henri to earth.

Pictures of Evil Beings

Draw pictures of what you think the Mogadarian scouts, soldiers and beast look like.


From all the different legacies mentioned in "The Power of Six", choose two you would want to have and explain why you would choose those two powers.


Number Six can be invisible. Explain what you would do if you were invisible for one day.

Help John Plot

Plot out John and Number Six's next moves to take out the Mogadarians on earth.

Magazine reporter

Interview John for People Magazine.

Travel agent

As a travel agent, convince a person to visit Lorien.

Character match

Assign each student a character from "The Power of Six". Have the students act and speak as if they were the...

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