The Power of Six Character Descriptions

Pittacus Lore
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Number Seven (aka Marina)

She will be eighteen in five months and will have to decide whether she will leave the convent.

Number Four (aka John Smith)

He and his Cepan or guardian, Henri, have been on Earth for thirteen years.

Number Six (aka Maren Elizabeth)

She lost her Cepan, Katarina, at the age of thirteen during a confrontation with the Mogadorians.

Sam Goode

This is intrigued by any and all conspiracy theories and alien stories that he can find


Cepan to Number Seven (Marina), this character has settled into life at the Santa Teresa convent.

Number Ten (aka Ella)

This character is eleven years old but is an Aeternus who can move herself back and forth between two ages.

Hadley (aka Bernie Kosar)

A Chimaera from Lorien who is most often seen in the form of a dog

Hector Ricardo

He is often wrinkled and dirty...

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