The Power of Six Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Pittacus Lore
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Chapters One and Two

• Marina, the oldest of 37 orphans, waits for her turn at the computer. She will be eighteen in five months and can leave or stay.

• She has to leave in three minutes and so moves the chairs with her mind to get the others to leave.

• She only gets half a page loaded before Sister Dora calls her name. They walk to the nave for evening prayer.

• Marina had shown Adelina the third ring on her leg signifying that number three had died.

• Adelina told Marina to quit believing in fairy tales. That night Marina sneaks back out to the computers.
• She finds an article about John and Henri, saying they were possible terrorists because of the damage at the school.

• She absently heals the plant beside the computer before shutting down.

Chapters Three and Four

• Six and John decide they have healed well enough...

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