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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When, approximately, did the suppression of the Goddess religions come about?
(a) Fourth Millennium BC
(b) Third Millenium BC
(c) Fifth Millennium BC
(d) Seventh Millennium BC

2. What about life is universally recognized according to Campbell?
(a) There is more than one God.
(b) Life is created by God.
(c) God is a man.
(d) There is existance beyond mankind's cognizance.

3. Who formalizes the dogma of Mary being the Mother of God?
(a) Council of Ephesus
(b) Roman Catholic Church
(c) Notre Dame Council
(d) Greek culture

4. What does Campbell indicate is a relatively recent development in the history of mankind?
(a) Males of both dogmas
(b) Similarities between Judeo-Christian and Moslem religions
(c) Domination of Goddesses in mythology
(d) Depiction of God as a male figure

5. With what is the Goddess identified?
(a) Moon
(b) Earth
(c) Stars
(d) Night

Short Answer Questions

1. What region has symbols of the bull and boar representing male power?

2. What types of figures which dated back to the Neolithic period were found in Europe?

3. In which culture does the deity include both male and female entities?

4. Whose legend does Campbell recall which is in a similar vein to Sir Gawain's legend?

5. Which of the following themes best describes the beginning of Chapter 8?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Campbell describe sexual desire?

2. Where does the author indicate variations in generalized hero legends can be found?

3. What are liturgies?

4. Instead of the Crucifixion, what does the Oriental tradition describe in relation to Bodhisattva?

5. How does Campbell describe the acceptance of the concept of romantic love by contemporary western society?

6. When and with whom did the concept of romantic love originate?

7. What is the basis for measuring and recording time?

8. What placed the Goddess as a counterpart to the male God who judges and punishes mankind?

9. How does the hero in a myth become a hero?

10. What is the mandala in the Buddhist tradition?

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