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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When did Mexico City have great temples and considered a sacred city?
(a) During the middle ages
(b) Before the Spaniards invaded
(c) After the Spaniards invaded
(d) In the Neolithic period

2. What does Campbell say that he finds is an ideal place for meditation?
(a) Milan
(b) Canterbury
(c) Cologne
(d) Chartres

3. What kind of powers did plains dwellers attribute to animals and plants?
(a) Supernatural powers
(b) Spiritual powers
(c) Healing powers
(d) Personified powers

4. When do dreams become a part of society's myths?
(a) When people share the dreams and metaphors from the dreams
(b) When there are specific actions or symbols in the dreams
(c) When dreams are interpreted by psychologists
(d) When they act out a known society's myth

5. In medieval times, what does Campbell indicate the clergy did to ordinary people?
(a) Surprised
(b) Listened
(c) Controlled
(d) Preached

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Campbell and Moyers claim has led to a lack of awareness of mythological foundations of western society's heritage?

2. Whose myths fascinated Campbell as he was growing up?

3. What changed about God in the Judeo-Christian group of cultures from preceding societies?

4. How is the snake (from the creation story) regarded in India?

5. Which specific cathedral does Campbell indicate he has visited numerous times?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is an integral part of the myths of creation?

2. What happens when different cultures expand their spheres of influence and come into contact with each other?

3. What happens with the coming of the planting cycle?

4. What do places of worship include which are similar across various religions?

5. In what way are the Assyrian temples similar to the Christian church?

6. What do the accounts of legends highlight from early times?

7. What does the architecture of a city express?

8. What is the Christian tradition the only one to portray?

9. What is Chapter 2 mainly about?

10. On what is "The Power of Myth" based?

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