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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following describes how the Hebrew tradition referred to the Canaanite Goddess?
(a) Goddess of all
(b) Mother of all that is earth
(c) Destroying mother earth
(d) Abomination

2. Which of the following themes best describes the beginning of Chapter 8?
(a) Historical
(b) Fictional
(c) Biographical
(d) Autobiographical

3. What seems to be a commonality among all cultures in relation to God according to Campbell?
(a) Identification and union with God
(b) Reliance on God to set rules
(c) Introduction of similarities to other Gods
(d) Stories about God to pass down

4. Who crushed the Albigensians?
(a) Pope John Paul
(b) Pope Innocent III
(c) The Church of the Middle Ages
(d) The Ango Saxons

5. Which of the following best describes how the person on the journey returns?
(a) A saint
(b) Legend
(c) Hero
(d) Ghost

6. How is the sunrise depicted by the Goddess Nut in Egypt?
(a) Combining it with th emoon
(b) Swallowing it in the west
(c) Taking it to the mother earth for renewal
(d) Giving birth to it in the east

7. What did the troubadours become known as?
(a) Actors of love
(b) Singers of love
(c) Love doctors
(d) Love mates

8. What does Campbell indicate is identified as the natural choice for supreme being?
(a) Savior
(b) There is no clear choice
(c) Mother
(d) Father

9. An indication of how Western culture might have evolved had Hebrew mythology not survived can be seen in ___________________________.
(a) religions of South America
(b) religions of Africa
(c) religions of India
(d) Asian religions

10. What is the name of Campbell's previously published book?
(a) Masks of Eternity
(b) The Hero's Adventure
(c) The Hero with a Thousand Faces
(d) Tales of Love and Marriage

11. Campbell indicates the troubadours and their ideas about love were associated with which movement?
(a) Anglo Saxon
(b) Arthyruian
(c) Minnesingers
(d) Albigensian

12. What does Moses bring back from the summit of the mountain?
(a) Ten Commandments
(b) Bible
(c) Sea scrolls
(d) Ark of the covenent

13. Who does Moses meet on the summit of a mountain?
(a) Yahweh
(b) Buddha
(c) Jesus
(d) God

14. Of what kind of myths and legends does Campbell provide specific examples?
(a) Those involving Jesus only
(b) Those involving rebirth
(c) Those involving life and renewal
(d) Those involving death and suffering

15. Rather than a means to an end, Campbell said that religion's role is more likely this?
(a) Organization
(b) Obstruction
(c) Defense
(d) Surprise

Short Answer Questions

1. Who often arranged for traditional marriage?

2. According to Campbell, infidelity goes against which of the following?

3. Which of the following is a Greek legend from which Campbell quotes?

4. The Semitic and Indo-European invaders were mainly what?

5. What type of man do Campbell and Moyer say that God is?

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