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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which type of societies and cultures identified with the Goddess?
(a) Those in the mountains
(b) Those with the most power and knowledge
(c) Those in the river valleys
(d) Those near the ocean

2. The psychology of love does not affect which of the following in regard to knights?
(a) Code of chivalry
(b) Tools to be used in tournaments or duels
(c) Rules of engagement in tournaments
(d) Rules of engagement in duels

3. Who crushed the Albigensians?
(a) Pope John Paul
(b) Pope Innocent III
(c) The Church of the Middle Ages
(d) The Ango Saxons

4. How do the troubadours describe love?
(a) The only
(b) The means
(c) The ideal
(d) The goal

5. How is the sunrise depicted by the Goddess Nut in Egypt?
(a) Combining it with th emoon
(b) Giving birth to it in the east
(c) Swallowing it in the west
(d) Taking it to the mother earth for renewal

6. Which of the following is true about sexual desire according to Campbell?
(a) Necessary
(b) Unnecessary
(c) Impersonal
(d) Required

7. To what figure from Germanic and Celtic myths did Campbell expose his students?
(a) Mother figures
(b) Clown figures
(c) Archetypical figures
(d) Father figures

8. What is the bo tree known as?
(a) Tree of wisdom
(b) Tree of new religion
(c) Tree of immortal knowledge
(d) Tree of life

9. Which of the following rivers are considered in the Near East?
(a) Nile
(b) Indus
(c) Tigris-Euphrates
(d) Amazon

10. What two symbols are combined in a powerful union through the Goddess Nut?
(a) Moon and sun
(b) Sunrise and sunset
(c) Heavenly body and mother earth
(d) Mother earth and the goddess

11. What complaint do Campbell and Moyers repeat in Chapter 5?
(a) Modern society does not have adequate myths for the youth.
(b) There are too many myths in our society.
(c) Youth no longer believes in myths.
(d) Schools do not teach enough mythology.

12. What is the earth considered throughout myths of the farming era?
(a) Life and renewal
(b) Beginning of the end
(c) Supportive system
(d) Goddess itself

13. Which of the following describes how the Hebrew tradition referred to the Canaanite Goddess?
(a) Mother of all that is earth
(b) Goddess of all
(c) Destroying mother earth
(d) Abomination

14. What region has symbols of the bull and boar representing male power?
(a) Asian
(b) Mediterranean
(c) European
(d) African

15. When does Jesus go into the the desert?
(a) After he is crucified
(b) Before he is baptised
(c) After his baptism
(d) After he begins preaching his message

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following went into solitude and emerged to sit beneath a bo tree?

2. What does Campbell indicate will emerge to replace the old traditional mythologies?

3. What influence does Campbell indicate leads to the reemergence of the female figure in the Christian religion?

4. Who wrote "The Myth of the Birth of the Hero?"

5. From what geographical area is the myth of the princely hunter?

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