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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following went into solitude and emerged to sit beneath a bo tree?
(a) Buddha
(b) Moses
(c) Dalai Lama
(d) Jesus Christ

2. Of what kind of myths and legends does Campbell provide specific examples?
(a) Those involving rebirth
(b) Those involving death and suffering
(c) Those involving life and renewal
(d) Those involving Jesus only

3. What does Campbell indicate is identified as the natural choice for supreme being?
(a) Mother
(b) Savior
(c) Father
(d) There is no clear choice

4. On what does Campbell indicate that man's view of God depends?
(a) Parent beliefs
(b) Own beliefs
(c) Societal norms
(d) Encompassing culture

5. According to Campbell, infidelity goes against which of the following?
(a) Martin Luther
(b) Troubadours
(c) Greater good of scoiety
(d) Pope

6. Which of the following was not a major river which played an important part in the development of societies and cultures?
(a) Ganges
(b) Amazon
(c) Indus
(d) Nile

7. Who formalizes the dogma of Mary being the Mother of God?
(a) Notre Dame Council
(b) Greek culture
(c) Council of Ephesus
(d) Roman Catholic Church

8. Rather than a means to an end, Campbell said that religion's role is more likely this?
(a) Obstruction
(b) Surprise
(c) Defense
(d) Organization

9. What about life is universally recognized according to Campbell?
(a) There is more than one God.
(b) Life is created by God.
(c) God is a man.
(d) There is existance beyond mankind's cognizance.

10. To what country's myth does Campbell compare the clown figure?
(a) Ireland
(b) England
(c) India
(d) Nigeria

11. What does Campbell say that the fate of evildoers teaches society?
(a) The punishments possible in society
(b) Improve role models standing in society
(c) How to behave morally
(d) Dire consequences of not being a moral person

12. Who often arranged for traditional marriage?
(a) Church
(b) Participants
(c) Husband to be
(d) Family

13. Which legend of knights is used to affirm the idea of romantic love?
(a) Tristan and Isolde
(b) Holy Grail
(c) King Arthur
(d) Paolo and Fransesca

14. Which of the following can be said that occurs in the stories of Jesus Christ, Buddha and Moses?
(a) Common elements
(b) Similar features
(c) Exact same story, different geographical areas
(d) No commonalities

15. Which of the following is immortal and voluntarily participates in the sorrows of the world?
(a) Nirvana
(b) Jesus Christ
(c) Bodhisattva
(d) Tibetan Buddhist Monks

Short Answer Questions

1. Who wrote "The Myth of the Birth of the Hero?"

2. The person who leaves the existing world is embarking on a _____________.

3. The philosophy of love is grafted onto the underlying saga of whose resistance to the Anglo Saxon invasion of Britian?

4. What does Jesus do when he returns from the desert?

5. What comes from the release of fears and sorrows of the world?

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