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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following plays a role in the evolution of a specific mythology?
(a) Who recorded it
(b) Point of view
(c) Geographic context
(d) Language

2. How does Chapter 3 differ from the other chapters in this text?
(a) There are little references to Campbell's own personal experiences.
(b) There are no references to Moyers.
(c) There is little mention of mythology.
(d) There is little mention of eastern religions.

3. Which of the following could be considered an example of a paramount modern social institution?
(a) Job status
(b) Marriage
(c) Birth
(d) Death

4. Which of the following is not part of the notion of appeasement for taking the life of a wild creature according to Campbell?
(a) Continuation of the cycle
(b) Food
(c) Prey returning to life
(d) Cooperation

5. What is the end of the inward journey?
(a) God is not inside us, but rather an outsider.
(b) God can look inside of us to see our ideals.
(c) To find God in the subconscious is part of all religions.
(d) God is in each of us.

6. The monster who devours himself until only his face is left becomes a symbol of the ____________.
(a) Face of saviors
(b) Face of Heaven
(c) Face of Glory
(d) Face of God

7. A myth embraces both of the following: ______________________.
(a) external imaging and society rules
(b) an individual's internal image and those of society manifested in external forms
(c) an individual's internal image and society rules
(d) perception and perseverance

8. Whose legends are in direct contrast to the idea that man is superior to animals?
(a) Pawnee legend
(b) Bushmen of Africa
(c) Blackfoot Buffalo
(d) Plains Indians

9. Which of the following is the best synonym for motif as used in the following sentence: "The motifs of creation and death occurred in both Catholic and American Indian myths."
(a) Theme
(b) Logo
(c) Design
(d) Pattern

10. When the Jews were in Babylon their God was ____________.
(a) The same as the present day god
(b) A local tribal god
(c) Unknown
(d) The savior

11. Which of the following religions is the only one to portray the serpent as seducer?
(a) Muslim
(b) Jewish
(c) Buddha
(d) Christian

12. In what time period were the Sumerian seals documented?
(a) 2000 BC
(b) 3500 AD
(c) 4000 BC
(d) 3500 BC

13. What is the best definition of a myth?
(a) Cultural norms
(b) Body of stories and legends
(c) Society's unspoken rules
(d) Written history of mankind

14. In the hunting and gathering society, mythology consisted of appeasing the animal gods. In the farming society it consisted of what?
(a) Success of harvest
(b) Appeasing the plant gods
(c) Understanding the natural world around them
(d) Appeasing weather gods

15. Which specific cathedral does Campbell indicate he has visited numerous times?
(a) Chartres
(b) Milan
(c) Cologne
(d) Canterbury

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the Eucharist believed to be in the Christian religion?

2. What changed about God in the Judeo-Christian group of cultures from preceding societies?

3. Which of the following is another name for Mexico City?

4. In which of the following rituals is land orientation important to the Sioux?

5. Of which general religion is Campbell?

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