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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose legends are in direct contrast to the idea that man is superior to animals?
(a) Pawnee legend
(b) Plains Indians
(c) Blackfoot Buffalo
(d) Bushmen of Africa

2. Which of the following is the best synonym for motif as used in the following sentence: "The motifs of creation and death occurred in both Catholic and American Indian myths."
(a) Logo
(b) Theme
(c) Design
(d) Pattern

3. How does Campbell indicate all love affairs will end?
(a) No acceptance by society
(b) Marriage
(c) Disappointment
(d) Love

4. What are two principal contributors to the preservation and evolution of myths?
(a) People and animals
(b) God and followers
(c) Religious followers and their God
(d) Artists and shamans

5. Which of the following could be considered an example of a paramount modern social institution?
(a) Birth
(b) Job status
(c) Marriage
(d) Death

6. What is the Eucharist believed to be in the Christian religion?
(a) Water to wine
(b) Religious food
(c) Body of Christ
(d) Blood of Christ

7. According to Campbell, what is the function of a mythology?
(a) To educate the young and give them a means to cope with life
(b) To record history
(c) To provide a similar base for all parties upon which to live
(d) To punish those that deviate from society's norms

8. What part of myths are an unchanging part of mankind's experience?
(a) Myths about burial rituals
(b) Myths about human development
(c) Myths about birth
(d) Myths about death and dying

9. What kind of powers did plains dwellers attribute to animals and plants?
(a) Personified powers
(b) Supernatural powers
(c) Spiritual powers
(d) Healing powers

10. What Indian God is used to describe the idea of killing and eating other living beings?
(a) Shiva
(b) The destroyer
(c) Vishmnu
(d) Kirtimukah

11. What caused the concept of God to become more of a world savior by the Jews?
(a) Roman conquering of many different lands
(b) Hebrews becoming a major force in the East Mediterranean region
(c) Hebrews fighting with the Romans
(d) The Crusades

12. What do the Navaho include in their sand paintings?
(a) Hogans
(b) Mythologized animals figures
(c) Pipes
(d) White men

13. Campbell indicates the Bible describes the evolution of _______________.
(a) the historical account of events
(b) The Judeo-Christian concept of God
(c) The story of the life of Jesus
(d) How God has changed over time

14. What is the best definition of a myth?
(a) Society's unspoken rules
(b) Written history of mankind
(c) Cultural norms
(d) Body of stories and legends

15. To what does Campbell compare a cathedral?
(a) Animal
(b) Infant
(c) Soul
(d) Womb

Short Answer Questions

1. How have myths helped Campbell view his body?

2. Which of the following is not one of the more sophisticated concepts of God?

3. Whose myths fascinated Campbell as he was growing up?

4. In medieval times, what does Campbell indicate the clergy did to ordinary people?

5. Modern churches are built like what according to Campbell?

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