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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the main problem Ben sees in his plan to get Arabella to marry Bob?
(a) She does not like him.
(b) She is a little bit older.
(c) She likes to be independant.
(d) She is much younger.

2. Why does Bob Sawyer's landlady harass him?
(a) He flirts with her daughter.
(b) He does not pay his rent.
(c) He comes in late at night.
(d) He damages the furniture in his rooms.

3. Who hires Mary as a maid?
(a) Winkle.
(b) Sam Weller.
(c) Bob Sawyer.
(d) Mr. Pickwick.

4. What is Mr. Jackson's occupation?
(a) Clerk.
(b) Butler.
(c) Lawyer.
(d) Accountant.

5. What does Sam say he has notices about his step-mother?
(a) She is depressed.
(b) She is aging fast.
(c) She is drinking a lot.
(d) She is spending a lot of money.

6. Why does Sam feel such a desire to stay in prison with Pickwick?
(a) He feels an obligation.
(b) He fears Pickwick will be taken advantage of.
(c) He has nowhere else to go.
(d) He has no other job.

7. Where does Winkle try to hide when he is locked outside in his nightshirt?
(a) A closet.
(b) A sedan.
(c) A carriage.
(d) A shed.

8. What does Sam refuse to tell Pickwick while he is in prison?
(a) Who told him to be there.
(b) How much money he owes.
(c) Why he chose to be there.
(d) Who sent him there.

9. What is the name of the Judge over Pickwick's trial?
(a) Sunner.
(b) Moonlaugh.
(c) Starleigh.
(d) Starry.

10. What does Sam bring to Pickwick after his first night in prison?
(a) Some brandy.
(b) Some clothes.
(c) Some money.
(d) Some food.

11. What kind of meeting does Tony take his son to?
(a) A teetoler meeting.
(b) A democratic meeting.
(c) A suffrage meeting.
(d) A temperance meeting.

12. Why does Pickwick stay in Towcester?
(a) That is where he is to meet Winkle Sr.
(b) It begins to rain.
(c) He sees a woman he knows there.
(d) Ben Allen gets sick and needs rest.

13. Who breaks up the fight between Ben Allen and the servant?
(a) Arabella.
(b) Winkle.
(c) Pickwick.
(d) Bob Sawyer.

14. Who was the founder of the place the Pickwickians go before Pickwick has to go to jail?
(a) Queen Elizabeth.
(b) Queen Victoria.
(c) Prince Bladud.
(d) King Henry.

15. What does Mr. Perker say about Pickwick's case?
(a) It is a joke.
(b) It will end wel.
(c) It will ruin him.
(d) It is hopeless.

Short Answer Questions

1. How much is Mr. Pickwick fined after the trial?

2. What does Susan do the entire time she is visiting Sam in prison?

3. Where does Pickwick get jobs for Trotter and Jingle?

4. What does Tom Roker do for Pickwick in prison?

5. Who marks the end of Bob Sawyer's party?

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