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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mr. Perker say about Pickwick's case?
(a) It will ruin him.
(b) It is hopeless.
(c) It is a joke.
(d) It will end wel.

2. When is Pickwick's trial to be held?
(a) February 12th.
(b) February 4th.
(c) February 22nd.
(d) February 14th.

3. What is the main reason Ben wants Bob to marry his sister?
(a) Ben is his good friend.
(b) His father always liked Bob.
(c) Her dowry can support their business.
(d) He wants Arabella to stay local.

4. What does Sam refuse to tell Pickwick while he is in prison?
(a) Why he chose to be there.
(b) How much money he owes.
(c) Who told him to be there.
(d) Who sent him there.

5. What does Ben Allen do on top of the carriage?
(a) Tricks.
(b) Pantomimes.
(c) Sleeps.
(d) Pranks.

6. Who tells Ben that Arabella has eloped?
(a) His client.
(b) His sister.
(c) His aunt.
(d) His father.

7. Where does Tony live?
(a) Dingley Dell.
(b) Dobham.
(c) Dorking.
(d) Darkfur.

8. Why does Ben Allen start beating up a servant when he hears of Arabella's elopement?
(a) He thinks the servant helped plan it.
(b) He is angry, and wants to hit someone.
(c) He planned to fire the man anyway.
(d) He saw him with his sister earlier.

9. Why does Pickwick stay in Towcester?
(a) It begins to rain.
(b) He sees a woman he knows there.
(c) That is where he is to meet Winkle Sr.
(d) Ben Allen gets sick and needs rest.

10. What does Tony ask of Sam when his wife dies?
(a) That he deliver the eulogy.
(b) That he remember her in his prayers.
(c) That he come and visit.
(d) That he attend her funeral.

11. What does Sam do when he finds Winkle in Bristol?
(a) Hugs him tightly.
(b) Locks him in his room.
(c) Gives him money to return home.
(d) Asks him to buy dinner.

12. Why does Winkle Sr. object to the match between Arabella and his son?
(a) She is too young.
(b) They eloped.
(c) She has no money.
(d) Winkle has been previously engaged.

13. What is the name of Mrs. Bardell's attorney?
(a) Admiral Bizbark.
(b) Sergeant Buzfiz.
(c) General Barkbuz.
(d) Captain Barkfiz.

14. What is the name of the Judge over Pickwick's trial?
(a) Sunner.
(b) Starry.
(c) Starleigh.
(d) Moonlaugh.

15. What does Sam bring to Pickwick after his first night in prison?
(a) Some money.
(b) Some brandy.
(c) Some clothes.
(d) Some food.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Tony want to send Pickwick?

2. What does Tom Roker do for Pickwick in prison?

3. Who is sent to retrieve Winkle after he is run off by Mr. Dowler?

4. Who tells Arabella that Winkle loves her?

5. What does Pickwick promise to do if Mr. Winkle Sr. does not forgive his son?

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