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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Dodson's occupation?
(a) Editor.
(b) Parson.
(c) Professor.
(d) Lawyer.

2. Where does Pickwick find Jemmy contemplating suicide?
(a) A bridge.
(b) A statue.
(c) A wooded clearing.
(d) A church.

3. What do the Pickwickians see in Muggleton?
(a) A futbol game.
(b) A cricket match.
(c) A boxing match.
(d) A wrestling tounament.

4. What is Bob Sawyer studying?
(a) Medicine.
(b) Philosophy.
(c) Law.
(d) Accounting.

5. What is Jemmy's nickname?
(a) Dismal.
(b) Drowsy.
(c) Dopey.
(d) Dastardly.

6. What is Mrs. Bardell's occupation?
(a) Land lady.
(b) Teacher.
(c) House maid.
(d) Governess.

7. Why is job Trotter planning to marry a woman?
(a) Her father will pay him.
(b) Her mother is rich.
(c) For her money.
(d) He loves her.

8. Where is Winkle accused of romancing Mrs. Potts?
(a) A billboard.
(b) A magazine.
(c) A book.
(d) A newspaper.

9. What does Mr. Jingle call himself at Mrs. Hunter's event?
(a) Mr. Freshman.
(b) Mr. Fitzmarshall.
(c) Mr. Fitzsimmons.
(d) Mr. Flashman.

10. What happens when Tupman arrives for his duel?
(a) It is cancelled.
(b) He surrenders.
(c) He begs for forgiveness.
(d) The challenger does not show up.

11. What did the goblins in Mr. Wardle's story steal?
(a) A tree.
(b) A whole house.
(c) A baby.
(d) A sexton.

12. What is Alfred's last name?
(a) Jangle.
(b) Jingle.
(c) Jongle.
(d) Jungle.

13. Where does the group find Tupman?
(a) In Rochester.
(b) By the bridge.
(c) In Cobham.
(d) Near the river.

14. How did Pickwick first meet the fiance of Peter Magnus?
(a) He walked into her room the night before.
(b) They had met at a ball.
(c) She once courted one of his friends.
(d) They went to school together.

15. Who was courting the woman the stranger gains the affection of?
(a) Judge Stimmer.
(b) Constable Sanner.
(c) Mr. Skinner.
(d) Dr. Slammer.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Job Trotter plan to marry?

2. What causes Pickwick to enter a boarding school?

3. What do Tupman and Pickwick argue about before attending Mrs. Hunter's event?

4. Who pays the rent at Mrs. Bardell's house for Pickwick?

5. Who does Jingle plan to elope with in Bury St. Edmonds?

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