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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Pickwick find when he returns to Manor Farm?
(a) The manuscript from Jemmy.
(b) A letter from Jingle.
(c) An emtpy bed where Tupman should have been.
(d) A suicide letter from Tupman.

2. What happens when Tupman arrives for his duel?
(a) He begs for forgiveness.
(b) It is cancelled.
(c) He surrenders.
(d) The challenger does not show up.

3. What does Pickwick hope to do at Bury St. Edmonds?
(a) Find out Jingle's true identity.
(b) Uncover Jingle's wealth.
(c) Get re-paid by Jingle.
(d) Expose Jingle.

4. How does Pickwick choose who to root for in the election?
(a) He finds out which group the farmers like.
(b) He finds the loudest group.
(c) He sees which candidate is taller.
(d) He reads the campaigns.

5. Why does the man in the parson's manuscript go crazy?
(a) He gets a severe fever.
(b) The woman he loves is in love with someone else.
(c) His brother gets the inheritance that was due to him.
(d) His daughter is murdered.

6. What does Mrs. Bardell do when she thinks Pickwick is proposing to her?
(a) Faints.
(b) Laughs.
(c) Cries.
(d) Vomits.

7. What does the club decide to broaden their horizons?
(a) A study internship.
(b) A research facility.
(c) A borrowing library.
(d) A traveling club.

8. Whose land does Pickwick fall asleep on while hunting?
(a) Sergeant Bolling's.
(b) Admiral Bounty's.
(c) Lieutenant Baller's.
(d) Captain Boldwig's.

9. What sickness does Pickwick come down with after the incident at the boarding school?
(a) Rheumatism.
(b) Influenza.
(c) Pneumonia.
(d) Diptheria.

10. What did the goblins in Mr. Wardle's story steal?
(a) A baby.
(b) A whole house.
(c) A sexton.
(d) A tree.

11. Where is Isabella getting married?
(a) Milton Pond.
(b) Dingley Dell.
(c) Manor Farm.
(d) Harvey House.

12. What does Pickwick write notes about while traveling to meet his friends before their trip?
(a) The weather.
(b) The cabbie.
(c) Blotton.
(d) The sound of horse hooves.

13. Who marries Isabella Wardle?
(a) Mr. Jingle.
(b) Mr. Trundle.
(c) Mr. Winkle.
(d) Mr. Snodgrass.

14. What is Ben Allen studying?
(a) Medicine.
(b) Philosophy.
(c) Accounting.
(d) Law.

15. How does Pickwick travel to meet his other friends before their trip?
(a) He takes a cab.
(b) He walks.
(c) He takes the train.
(d) He rides a horse.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of Mrs. Bardell's son?

2. Who wrote "Speculations on the Source of the Hampstead Pond"?

3. What are the two political parties at the election?

4. What is "The Convict's Return"?

5. Why is job Trotter planning to marry a woman?

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