The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Samuel Pickwick - This character is a fat, balding, elderly gentleman. He is very generous and innocent, and he starts a club.

Sam Weller - This character is a handyman and boot cleaner at the White Hart Inn in London when the main character first meets him.

Nathaniel Winkle - This character becomes confused and accidentally provides evidence for the prosecution of one of his friends.

Alfred Jingle - This character is a romantic adventurer and a schemer.

Mr. Wardle - This character is a hospitable country squire who lives in Dingley Dell on Manor Farm.

Mrs. Bardell - This character is the main character's landlady who mistakenly thinks she is being proposed to at one point.

Job Trotter - This character is an immoral servant who almost marries a cook for her savings.

Arabella Allen - This character elopes with her lover, much to the disgust...

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