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Petersburg - This place is the largest and most Westernized of the major Russian cities.

Samovar - This thing is a heated, metal Russian tea container and tea maker.

Fourier - This philosopher is a French Utopian socialist.

Serf - This is a Russian social class until emancipation in the 19th century.

Alexander Herzen - This writer is a 19th century Russian liberal who edited and printed the influential and technically illegal journal, The Bell.

Fête - This term is a French word for a party of some kind, usually in honor of something particular.

Socialism - This is the doctrine that economic classes should be leveled, and workers should have political rights.

Slavophil - This is the doctrine that all Slavic peoples are part of the same nation and should be arranged politically under one state.

Superfluous Men - This group is typically aristocratic...

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