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Nicholas Stavrogin - This character is an aristocrat by birth and retains a noble attitude, but does not seem to have any real friends.

Peter Verkhovensky - This character is rumored to be the leader of a revolutionary movement in Switzerland and St. Petersburg.

Shatov - This character was born as a serf before the emancipation and left for the university before he was expelled for some undisclosed disturbance.

Kirilov - This character is obsessed with a philosophical idea that leads him to believe that committing suicide makes a person truly free.

Stepan Verkhovensky - This character was once a university lecturer and was married twice.

Varvara Petrovna Stavrogin - This character is a local aristocratic landowner in the town of the novel, who lives at Skvoreshniki.

Lisa Tushin - This character is murdered by a mob of angry townsfolk.

Dasha - This character was once...

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