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Short Answer Questions

1. In "The Willow," during what month is the earth "sweet" and "young."

2. What does Mona say is wrong with her?

3. Why does Hazel purchase the bottles of veronal?

4. What does Hazel do with Mrs. Martin?

5. How do both Mrs. Weldon and Mr. Weldon feel about their apartment?

Short Essay Questions

1. Compare the poems "Bric-A-Brac," "Fulfillment," and "Theory." What do these poems have in common?

2. What is the complaint that is raised in the poem "Penelope"?

3. Compare the poems "Surprise," "On Being A Woman," and "Second Love." What do they have in common?

4. Explain the irony in "Ninon de Lenclos, On Her Last Birthday."

5. Compare the poems "Star Light, Star Bright--" and "Purposely Ungrammatical Love Song." How are they similar?

6. What explains Miss Wilmarth's "curious expression" in the short story "Horsie"?

7. In "Mrs. Hofstadter on Josephine Street," how is Horace the exact opposite of what the narrator and her husband are looking for?

8. What kind of advice do the poems "Prologue to a Saga" and "The Lady's Reward" give to women?

9. Explain the allusions in the poem "Prayer for a New Mother."

10. In "Soldiers of the Republic," what does the narrator learn about the life of a soldier?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Analyze Dorothy Parker's criticisms of modern life. How does she attack consumerism and societal "niceties"? What aspects of modern culture does she find fault with? What are the negative consequences of such behaviors? Be sure to provide specific examples and quotations as support for your analysis.

Essay Topic 2

Suicide plays a recurring role in many of Dorothy Parker's poems and in some short stories. Examine the role that suicide plays in both her poetry and her short stories. What seems to be her attitude toward suicide and those who attempt or commit it? What circumstances drive characters toward suicide? How do these details compare to Parker's own life? How might her own experiences have influenced her writing?

Essay Topic 3

Many of Dorothy Parker's characters are careless of others and sometimes even of themselves. Examine these careless characters and the effects that their behavior has on others and themselves. What observation does Parker seem to make through these characters? Support your points with specific examples and quotations from the text.

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