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Short Answer Questions

1. What does the girl in "The Last Tea" think about girls who drink alcohol.

2. How is the narrator of "Sweet Violets" similar to the violets?

3. On what occasion does the hag visit the narrator in the poem "Godmother"?

4. According to the poem "Victoria," where is Albert's spirit never seen walking?

5. Where would the narrator of "Distance" prefer to have her lover?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Hazel Morse lose her own identity in her efforts to please others in the short story "Big Blonde"?

2. In the short story "The Last Tea," why does the girl brag about the evening that she had the night before?

3. In "Mrs. Hofstadter on Josephine Street," how is Horace the exact opposite of what the narrator and her husband are looking for?

4. Compare the poems "Surprise," "On Being A Woman," and "Second Love." What do they have in common?

5. Compare the poems "Ultimatum" and "Requiescat." How are they similar?

6. How does the resolution of "Big Blonde" illustrate that Hazel's troubles are recurrent cycle?

7. What is the lesson behind the poem "Parable for a Certain Virgin"?

8. What is the cause of Mr. and Mrs. Weldon's divorce in the short story "Too Bad"?

9. Describe the narrator's tone in the story "Just a Little One."

10. Compare the poems "Bric-A-Brac," "Fulfillment," and "Theory." What do these poems have in common?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

One of Dorothy Parker's favorite criticism is of hypocrisy. Her stories, poetry, and essays often focus on people who behave in ways that are contrary to their professed values. Examine Parker's criticism of hypocrisy in all three genres. How do the different genres support the same perspective? In what ways are these approaches similar? In what ways are they different? Be sure to support your points with examples and quotations from the text.

Essay Topic 2

In many of Dorothy Parker's stories, relationships become strained because the characters do not speak honestly to one another. Instead, one character will say whatever he/she thinks the other wants to hear, or characters will skirt around a subject all together. Examine how this kind of dishonesty affects relationships in Parker's short stories. Be sure to include specific examples and quotations to support your observations.

Essay Topic 3

Dorothy Parker is well-known for her use of verbal irony, both in her conversations and in her writing. Examine Parker's use of verbal irony in her short stories, poems, and essays. How does her use of verbal irony result in a unique and recognizable style? Include examples and quotations to illustrate this style.

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