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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. About how long has the couple in the train car been married?
(a) About three hours.
(b) About three days.
(c) About twelve hours.
(d) About twelve days.

2. What does Mrs. Corning ask the volunteers at headquarters to do before they leave for vacation?
(a) To be sure to return all of their materials and tools.
(b) To finish whatever pieces they were working on before leaving.
(c) To take work with them to complete during their off time.
(d) To please return in September when the headquarters reopens.

3. How does Mr. Durant plan to get rid of the stray dog?
(a) After the children go to sleep, he is going to take it to the animal shelter.
(b) He will drive it far away and drop it off in the middle of nowhere.
(c) He is going to put it outside after the kids go to sleep and tell them it ran away.
(d) He will sneak it away to a man who will "dispose" of it for him.

4. In "Social Note," what advice does the narrator give to women who are seduced by "discreet" men?
(a) Run.
(b) Consider yourself lucky.
(c) Tell everyone.
(d) Be discreet as well.

5. In the story "You Were Perfectly Fine," what time did the pale young man get up out of bed?
(a) Four o'clock in the morning.
(b) Eleven o'clock in the morning.
(c) Four o' clock in the afternoon.
(d) Two o' clock in the afternoon.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who invented the rules for the game that Annabel and Midge play?

2. What advice does the poem "Resume" give?

3. What figure sits on the mantel in the Bains' living room?

4. How does Mr. Durant react to Rose's announcement that she will not return and does not want to see him again?

5. According to the poem "Fighting Words," what would cause the narrator to desert her lover?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the woman in "Arrangement in Black and White" characterize her husband?

2. Why does the woman in "The Waltz" agree to dance with the young man even though she does not want to?

3. What do the poems "Interview" and "Neither Bloody Nor Bowed" have in common?

4. In "The Standard of Living," why does Midge become so upset over Annabel's imaginary purchase of a silver fox coat, and what does her reaction suggest about her personality?

5. What is the irony in the end of the short story "The Waltz"?

6. What do the poems "I Know I Have Been Happiest" and "I Shall Come Back" have in common?

7. What is the cause of the underlying tension between the young bride and the groom in "Here We Are"?

8. What does Mr. Durant's response to the dog reveal about him?

9. What trouble does the man in "You Were Perfectly Fine" create when he lies about remembering the taxi ride?

10. In the story "Dusk Before Fireworks," why does Kit try to pretend that she is not bothered by the attention that other women pay to Hobie?

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