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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Mrs. Hofstadter who lives on Josephine Street?
(a) The woman who leases the bungalow to the narrator and her husband.
(b) The woman who places Horace with the narrator.
(c) Horace's first wife.
(d) Horace's former employer.

2. Who does the narrator say she thinks she is after three highballs?
(a) Marie Antoinette.
(b) Joan of Arc.
(c) Isaac Newton.
(d) St. Francis of Assisi.

3. Hazel Morse prides herself most on what characteristic?
(a) Her tiny waist.
(b) Her large bust.
(c) Her small feet.
(d) Her deep blue eyes.

4. According to "Ballade of Unfortunate Mammals," how are women and elephants alike?
(a) They always agree.
(b) They are trusting.
(c) They are faithful.
(d) They never forget.

5. On what occasion does the hag visit the narrator in the poem "Godmother"?
(a) On the day the narrator is born.
(b) On the narrator's first birthday.
(c) On the day the narrator's first child is born.
(d) On the narrator's christening.

6. What does the narrator say would help Mona?
(a) Getting married and having children.
(b) Getting dressed and going out for the evening.
(c) Calling Garry up on the phone.
(d) A big bowl of chicken soup.

7. In "Autumn Valentine" what experience did the narrator have in May?
(a) A broken heart.
(b) A love for nature.
(c) A new-found love.
(d) Death.

8. What phrase does the narrator of "Coda" use to describe love?
(a) An eternal bore.
(b) A dangerous delight.
(c) A permanent flop.
(d) A treasured gift.

9. What excuse does the narrator suggest would have been better to explain Mona's "illness"?
(a) Influenza or ptomaine poisoning.
(b) Pneumonia.
(c) A broken heart.
(d) A nervous condition.

10. Why does the narrator in "Thought for a Sunshiny Morning" not mind stepping on a worm?
(a) Thousands more live beneath the earth.
(b) The worm's body will feed the earth.
(c) She knows that worms will devour her when she is dead.
(d) She sees no purpose in their existence.

11. Why does Hazel purchase the bottles of veronal?
(a) To help her commit suicide.
(b) To help her lose weight.
(c) To help her deal with the pains in her back.
(d) To help her sleep at night.

12. What secret does the narrator in "Second Love" keep from her lover?
(a) She thinks of another man whenever they kiss.
(b) She plans to leave him soon.
(c) She is pregnant with his child.
(d) He is not her first lover.

13. According to the poem "Solace," why do people not worry over the broken stem of a rose?
(a) Roses are not an important flower.
(b) There are many other roses blooming.
(c) Roses do not feed a family.
(d) People are too busy to notice.

14. According to the poem "Reuben's Children" what sort of people are cursed?
(a) People who look for monogamy by sleeping with many partners.
(b) People who cheat on their lovers.
(c) People who criticize those who are happy with their lives.
(d) People who are not true to their own selves.

15. According to "Rhyme Against the Living," who is lucky?
(a) The dead.
(b) The living.
(c) Widows.
(d) Young lovers.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the narrator's dilemma in the poem "Dilemma"?

2. How does Herbie react when Hazel begins to drink Scotch?

3. Why hasn't Garry sent flowers to Mona?

4. In the story "Mrs. Hofstadter on Josephine Street," what are the narrator and her husband looking for in a servant?

5. What complaint does the narrator of "Bohemia" express about sculptors and singers?

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