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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Mrs. Hofstadter who lives on Josephine Street?
(a) The woman who places Horace with the narrator.
(b) Horace's former employer.
(c) Horace's first wife.
(d) The woman who leases the bungalow to the narrator and her husband.

2. What does the narrator say would help Mona?
(a) A big bowl of chicken soup.
(b) Getting dressed and going out for the evening.
(c) Getting married and having children.
(d) Calling Garry up on the phone.

3. What does the girl in "The Last Tea" think about girls who drink alcohol.
(a) It makes her sick to see a girl drink.
(b) She admires girls who can drink hard liquor.
(c) As long as a girl does not drink much, it is all right.
(d) If men can have a drink, so can a girl.

4. What sight causes Hazel to lose her high spirits as she is on her way to meet Art?
(a) A mangy dog shivering behind a pile of trash.
(b) A ragged cart horse being beaten by its driver.
(c) A drunken old man stumbling along the street.
(d) An emaciated child begging on the street corner.

5. According to "From a Letter From Lesbia," why should you not take a poet as a lover?
(a) Poets are unreliable.
(b) All poets are poor.
(c) All of them are strange.
(d) They are all too serious.

6. Why does Gerald Cruger avoid looking at Miss Wilmarth in the story "Horsie"?
(a) He feels guilty for all of the awful things he has said about her.
(b) He thinks she might think he is making a pass at her.
(c) He expects her to toss her head and whinny.
(d) He is afraid that she might ask to stay on longer.

7. What is the one "edged" thing in the poem "Midnight"?
(a) The cresent moon.
(b) The rustling leaves.
(c) The narrator's heart.
(d) The blades of grass.

8. What does Hazel ask Nettie to do for her after her suicide attempt?
(a) To throw out the rest of the pills and dump out the Scotch.
(b) To get her a drink.
(c) To get the phone number of the doctor.
(d) To help her into a hot bath.

9. What has become a "bitterness" for the narrator if "Iseult of Brittany"?
(a) Her lost love.
(b) Her deep pride.
(c) Her lovely hands.
(d) Her frail cup.

10. How does Herbie react when Hazel begins to drink Scotch?
(a) He is worried that she is drinking too much.
(b) He does not know since she drinks in secret.
(c) He is happy that she is loosening up.
(d) He says that Scotch is not lady-like.

11. What complaint does the narrator of "Bohemia" express about sculptors and singers?
(a) They never know anything.
(b) They tell everyone about their affairs.
(c) They can never say no.
(d) They only think about sex.

12. How is the narrator of "Sweet Violets" similar to the violets?
(a) They are both brief, frail, and blue.
(b) They are both Heaven's masterpieces.
(c) They both emerge from hardship.
(d) They both require attention and care.

13. What excuse does the narrator suggest would have been better to explain Mona's "illness"?
(a) A nervous condition.
(b) Pneumonia.
(c) A broken heart.
(d) Influenza or ptomaine poisoning.

14. What secret does the narrator in "Second Love" keep from her lover?
(a) She plans to leave him soon.
(b) She is pregnant with his child.
(c) She thinks of another man whenever they kiss.
(d) He is not her first lover.

15. Hazel Morse prides herself most on what characteristic?
(a) Her deep blue eyes.
(b) Her large bust.
(c) Her small feet.
(d) Her tiny waist.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the story "New York to Detroit," Why does Jack suggest that Jean write him a letter?

2. What does the narrator of "Guinevere At Her Fireside" say about the bravest man?

3. What emotion does the narrator of "Temps Perdu" feel when she sees a laurel tree in May?

4. According to the poem "Solace," why do people not worry over the broken stem of a rose?

5. What does the narrator wish for the girl in the poem "Story"?

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