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Chapters 1-4

• In "The Lovely Leave," Mimi prepares for a visit from her husband, who is coming home on leave from the Air Force.

• Mimi's husband arrives and announces that his leave has been canceled, and he must leave on the next train.

• Mimi is upset and complains and cries during his entire visit.

• After her husband leaves, Mimi tells a friend that is was a lovely leave.
• In "Arrangement in Black and White," a wealthy white woman is introduced to a famous black musician at a dinner party.

• The woman insists throughout the story that she is not a bigot, but her dialogue reveals her prejudice.
• In "The Sexes," a woman and man sit on a sofa and argue.

• The man observes that the woman is upset, but she refuses to admit that she is, but continues to treat him coldly.

• She reveals that she is upset...

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