The Portable Beat Reader Short Answer Test - Answer Key

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1. The Beat Generation started off in what city?

New York.

2. What is Jack Kerouac's most famous novel?

On the Road.

3. In what year was Jack Kerouac born?


4. Where was Jack Kerouac born?

Lowell, MA.

5. Upon which Beat writer was The Dharma Bums based?

Gary Snyder

6. Where did Jack Kerouac attend college?


7. In what year does Jack Kerouac meet Neal Cassady?


8. What is the title of the first book Jack Kerouac published?

The Town and the City.

9. For whom was Jack Kerouac once a sports writer?

The Lowell Sun.

10. Who is Neal Cassady known as in On the Road?

Dean Moriarty.

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