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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Absolute monarchs are trusted completely by their subjects until what?
(a) They die.
(b) They have children.
(c) Something changes.
(d) There is a war.

2. How long has Aristotle's "Politics" been around?
(a) Over two millenia.
(b) Over three millenia.
(c) Over four millenia.
(d) Over five millenia.

3. Logging, gathering fruits, and using minerals are lumped under what term?
(a) Resource development.
(b) Resource acquisition.
(c) Living off the land.
(d) Living poorly.

4. There is an unconfirmed story that, at the time of his death, Aristotle's "Politics" was what?
(a) Sent to Alexandria.
(b) Unpublished.
(c) Burned.
(d) Buried with him.

5. Who founded the Spartan constitution?
(a) Lythogus.
(b) Lawturgus.
(c) Lametogus.
(d) Lycurgus.

Short Answer Questions

1. Aristotle says that if an individual can get a monopoly, they can do what?

2. Aristotle believes that anyone who is found with exceptionally high virtue will be encouraged to be what?

3. Who felt that women should be warriors, just like the men?

4. Aristotle believes that it is possible for a good state to be governed by a monarch that is what?

5. This is the type of constitution that is the very best possible constitution that can be applied within a real, live city-state or other state.

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Aristotle's cure for limiting desires that reach beyond needs?

2. How did Aristotle become famous in the modern world?

3. What is an absolute monarch?

4. What are the various levels of organization within a society?

5. How does Aristotle divide the process of acquiring goods?

6. What constitutions does Aristotle survey in his book?

7. For Aristotle, what are the virtues that a slave or skilled craftsman should develop?

8. What is one reason Aristotle advocates for permanent rulership?

9. What are the four types of constitutions?

10. How does a correct constitution lead to a just society, according to Aristotle?

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