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Book 1, Politics, Chapter 1, Introductions

• There are several introductions to this book.

• Political science is as relevant today as it has been through out human history.

• As far as we know, the vast majority of Aristotle's writings were lost a long time ago.

• There is an unconfirmed story that The Politics was unpublished at the time of Aristotle's death.

• From there, it was preserved privately until the Arabs acquired it, translated it, and passed on the knowledge inside of it.

• Other scholars then gained access to The Politics.

• St. Thomas Aquinas, a Catholic scholar, made The Politics famous in the modern world.

• Currently, the book is used in universities world wide.

• Aristotle's work is an introduction to history and political theory.

• T.A. Sinclair, the translator, writes the first introduction about Aristotle's life.

• The second introduction is written by another British scholar who focuses on preparing the contemporary reader...

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