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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4, Stopping By the Woods and Other Places.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In "Tree at My Window," what concern creates a kinship between the speaker and the tree?
(a) Inner and outer feelings.
(b) Inner and outer weather.
(c) Inner and outer peace.
(d) Inner and outer beauty.

2. In what pattern are the rhymed stanzas in "The Investment"?
(b) AABBA.
(c) ABBA.
(d) AABA.

3. In "An Old Man's Winter Night," what does the moon leave on the snow that makes the man think that it is nicer than the sun?
(a) Icicles on the edge of the roof.
(b) Icicles on the edge of the windows.
(c) Icicles on the edge of the porch.
(d) Icicles on the edge of the patio.

4. What was the name of Frost's first book of poetry?
(a) A Child's Desires.
(b) A Man's Wants.
(c) A Friend's Determination.
(d) A Boy's Will.

5. Frost points out in "Sitting by a Bush in Broad Sunlight," that the miracle of life and the miracle of ___________________ are still with humanity.
(a) Belief.
(b) Weather.
(c) Nature.
(d) Faith.

Short Answer Questions

1. "Brown's Descent" has a second name. What is it?

2. In "A Winter Eden," where does Frost see the bright red berries and beasts lounging?

3. According to the poem "The Onset," which season mesmerizes?

4. What color was the object beyond Frost's reflection in the well in "For Once, Then, Something"?

5. What is the normal state of the mountain in "The Birthplace"?

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