Objects & Places from The Poetry of Robert Frost

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Blueberriesappears in Blueberries

These are fruits of the earth's wild plants that can give food or livelihood to their finder.

Goldappears in The Vindictives

This is the object a group wants so badly that killing a king is a possibility.

Birchesappears in Birches

When bent, these could be used as a stairway to heaven.

The Snow-Covered Mountainappears in Brown's Descent

The dwelling place of a farmer who has an accident.

Factory Jobs

These serve as barriers between people and the natural world.


These provide the author with a view of the countryside.

Treesappears in Throughout

These are part of the natural world and are praised for their beauty, strength, and changing character.

Waterappears in Throughout

This is seen, in its various and changing forms, as a strong element.

Farmsappears in Throughout

The author spent much of his adult life at these locations.

Leavesappears in Throughout

These are...

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