Daily Lessons for Teaching The Poetry of Robert Frost

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Daily Lessons

Objective: Chapter 1, Introduction, and Chapter 2, The Code and Other Stories Robert Frost puts a lot of himself and his experiences into his poems. This lesson focuses on having the students learn more about Frost, the person.

1) Group Activity: Divide the class into small groups. Have each small group create a list of jobs Frost has held. Then have them write a list of qualities each job needs. Share the results with the class.

2) Writing Activity: Have each group write a history of Frost, including his parentage. Post these where everyone can see them. Then have each group read the poems "Neglect" and "A Boy's Will." What personal traits of Frost or his family history might be represented in these poems? Share the results with the class.

3) Class Discussion: Why does it help to know who an author is, or says he is, before reading his work? How...

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