The Poetry of Robert Frost Fun Activities

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Window poem

Look out a nearby window. Write a poem describing what you see.

Interview the author

Pretend that you are interviewing the author. What ten questions would you ask? What responses do you think Frost would give?


Create a diorama, a 3D illustration, of one or more of Frost's poems.

Poetry reading

Hold a poetry reading for younger students. Select a few of Frost's poems and read them aloud.

Other poetry

Read poems from another poet. Compare and contrast them with Frost's poems. Whose poems do you like better? Why?

MySpace or Facebook

On paper create a MySpace or Facebook page for Frost.


Write an obituary for Frost. What would it say? From whose perspective are you delivering it?

Book Review

Write a book review of this book that could be posted on a website that shares books. Include what you liked, or didn't like...

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