The Poetry of Robert Frost Character Descriptions

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Robert Frostappears in Throughout

This person is revealed through a love for the natural world and the New England woods and seasons.

Gardenerappears in Tuft of Flowers

This character concludes that people work together, even if apart, when viewing florals.

The Boy with the Burning Glassappears in At Woodward's Gardens

This character is harming the monkeys caged at the zoo.

The Itinerant Preacherappears in Snow

This character breaks up a trip by stopping at a farm between towns.

The Man Who Doesn't Like the Wallappears in Mending Wall

This character comments on the outdated fence that breaks up a landscape.

A Lone Strikerappears in A Lone Striker

This character prefers the natural world to the work world; consequently, this person fails to return to work on a beautiful afternoon.

The Man Who Loves Treesappears in To a Young Wretch

Standing under the stars, this character has to reconcile...

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