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• Introduction and Chapter One

• Louis Untermeyer (author, anthologist, and poet), co-founder of the poetry magazine "Seven Arts" and one of Frost's earliest discoverers writes the introduction and commentary for the book.

• Untermeyer explains that Frost was an ordinary, hard-working man who became a beloved, award-winning poet.

• He describes some of the jobs that Frost held: farmer, bobbin boy, shoemaker, and country school teacher.

• Frost was born to New Englanders in California.

• Frost was first published in England.

• Frost has a talent for dialectic, speaking poetry, and casting conversation in poetry.

• In addition, Frost had a talent for writing musical poetry with rhythm and traditional composition styles. He moved back and forth between poetry styles without hardship.

• Frost's mother was a schoolteacher from a seafaring family named Isabelle Moody.

• Frost's father, William Prescott Frost, was a rebellious son of Republican...

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