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Short Answer Questions

1. What enables a person to hear differently in the opinion of the author?

2. What is able to invent forms emerging from shells that are beyond scientific research according to Bachelard's theories based on the work of Baltrusaitis?

3. After fish swim into the shell of the shellfish, what does the pea-crab do?

4. What is the eighteenth-century theory that states the purpose of life is to make shells?

5. In what way for Bachelard do fantasy images have some objectivity?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the human intimacy associated with corners as described by the author in "Corners"?

2. In what way might a poet surprise an intellectual philosopher according to Bachelard?

3. For Milosz's cynical character, what is contained in the corners of the palace?

4. How does the age of a forest compare with the ages of fields and meadows according to Bachelard's theory put forth in "Intimate Immensity"?

5. In the mind of Bachelard, what is the dichotomy of the corner?

6. In the opinion of Bachelard, how do dreams of the shell affect the mind? What Baltrusaitis notion illustrates this effect?

7. As described by Bachelard, what is the forced-choice form of geometric reasoning associated with inside and outside that clouds metaphor?

8. What is the nature of Palissy's fortess?

9. What effect does proximity to the horizon have on all things seen?

10. What two fears are contrasted by Michaux that may coexist even though they are opposites?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In "Miniature," what does Bachelard mean when he states that miniatures are not just smaller large things? Consider views through a magnifying glass.

Essay Topic 2

What is Baudelaire's interpretation of the concept of "vast" as explained in "Intimate Immensity"? How and why does Bachelard disagree with Baudelaire's interpretation?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the significance of the struggle of Bosco's "La Redousse" against the menagerie of the hurricane. Why does Bachelin consider winter to be the oldest season reminding us of remote past? In "House and Universe," what does Bachelard state is the relationship between a house and the universe?

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