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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to the author, the cuckoo can be compared with which water creature?
(a) The pea-crab.
(b) The shellfish.
(c) The mollusk.
(d) The hermit crab.

2. What does every corner or angle in a house symbolize for Bachelard?
(a) Solitude for the imagination.
(b) Blocked thought.
(c) Impassable boundaries.
(d) Memories lost in cobwebs.

3. For the Ancients, the shell is a symbol of what?
(a) The creation of earth.
(b) The hut.
(c) The human body that encases the soul like an envelope.
(d) The origin of man.

4. Why does a conchologist classify shells?
(a) To discover diversity.
(b) To find the origin of creation.
(c) To determine the age of the planet.
(d) To better understand mollusks.

5. Who imagined a snail rolling over and over to form its shell internally?
(a) Palissy.
(b) Michelet.
(c) Robinet.
(d) Pare.

Short Answer Questions

1. As explained by Bachelard, why do the terms inside and outside not represent symmetrical realities?

2. According to Baltrusaitis, what can leap from a shell when reality is dismissed?

3. Bachelard prefers to use the term "vast" to describe what?

4. What does Bachelard define as a coherent way to use reasoning to convincingly express primal images?

5. For Bachelard, what is amusing about space images?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Bachelard propose, to give a door sacred character? What is sacred about doors?

2. For Bachelard, what occurs when a person allows himself to pass a threshold of absurdity?

3. In folklore and poetry, according to Bachelard's theory, in what way does image size transpose?

4. What does silence allow a person to do in the opinion of Bachelard?

5. As described by the author in "Miniature," how is any new phenomenon first viewed, when seen through a magnifying glass?

6. Bachelard compares what images of nature put forward by Robinet and Michelet?

7. What effect does proximity to the horizon have on all things seen?

8. Through poetry, in the mind of Bachelard, what does calm become?

9. According to Bachelard, why do old forests offer inner peace?

10. How are the hermit crab and cuckoo bird similar?

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