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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Diole study and write about the desert?
(a) To wander in the desert is to change space and enter a psychically innovative one.
(b) To get lost in the desert is to be a snail out of its shell.
(c) To wander in the desert is to experience the poetic imagery of life.
(d) To get lost in the desert is to experience the loss of childhood memories.

2. What is the paradox of an old forest, as explained by the author?
(a) A forest is old but contains new saplings.
(b) A forest is frightening yet offers a sense of security.
(c) A forest seems real and concrete yet fantastic.
(d) It seems infinite within its own boundaries.

3. Who imagined a bird turning round to form its nest externally with its breast?
(a) Palissy.
(b) Robinet.
(c) Michelet.
(d) Pare.

4. Why should the adjective "ancestral" not be used in a study of poetic phenomenology, according to Bachelard?
(a) Poetic phenomenology is always of the future.
(b) It is too easily used and explains nothing.
(c) It casts a pall of oldness and staleness over a poetic image.
(d) It creates a confusion of familial memories.

5. In folklore and poetry, as described by Bachelard, how is image size transposed?
(a) Smaller with the loss of memories.
(b) Back and forth from large to small.
(c) Image size has no meaning.
(d) Larger with the passage of time.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is the character, Emily, when she recognizes that she has withdrawn into herself?

2. Why does a conchologist classify shells?

3. For Bachelard, what does the metaphor of old forests that go on without limit represent?

4. Bachelard believes that, for Baudelaire, immensity is a category of what?

5. Bachelard cites Michaux's poem "Shade-Haunted Space" to illustrate what?

Short Essay Questions

1. For Bachelard, what occurs when a person allows himself to pass a threshold of absurdity?

2. How does Valery's knowledge of geometry fail him in regard to spiral shells?

3. Through poetry, in the mind of Bachelard, what does calm become?

4. In the mind of Bachelard, what is the dichotomy of the corner?

5. In folklore and poetry, according to Bachelard's theory, in what way does image size transpose?

6. How are the hermit crab and cuckoo bird similar?

7. What two fears are contrasted by Michaux that may coexist even though they are opposites?

8. How does the Hughes character, Emily, reveal the concept of "invented childhood"?

9. What is the human intimacy associated with corners as described by the author in "Corners"?

10. How does the age of a forest compare with the ages of fields and meadows according to Bachelard's theory put forth in "Intimate Immensity"?

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