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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who used a tree to evoke a sense of grandeur that magnifies to the tree's surroundings?
(a) Milosz.
(b) Rilke.
(c) Baudelaire.
(d) Diole.

2. Through a magnifying glass, what does the first view of any phenomenon become in the author's opinion?
(a) A revelation of never-before-seen flaws.
(b) A miniature universe.
(c) A matter of scientific observation.
(d) A disruption of poetic thought.

3. In the opinion of Bachelard, a corner is a place of what sort of motion?
(a) Immobility.
(b) Three-dimensional space.
(c) Vertical and horizontal.
(d) Repetition.

4. In what way for Bachelard do fantasy images have some objectivity?
(a) From a sense of shared experience.
(b) From a degree of shared phenomenological similarity.
(c) From a belief in supernatural presences.
(d) From a sense of past lives.

5. How is Tom Thumb killed?
(a) By a grain of dust.
(b) By the footsteps of a larger man.
(c) By the kick of an ant.
(d) By a snail.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Valery, how does a mollusk build?

2. What are two opposing truths introduced by Bachelard in "Corners" regarding corners?

3. Details and insignificant features, such as the curve of a molding, may inspire what, according to Bachelard?

4. Valery's knowledge of geometry failed him in what regard?

5. Bachelard cites Michaux's poem "Shade-Haunted Space" to illustrate what?

Short Essay Questions

1. In the mind of Bachelard, what is the dichotomy of the corner?

2. According to Bachelard, why do old forests offer inner peace?

3. How do a psychologist and a phenomenologist differ when viewing a poetic image in Bachelard's opinion?

4. As described by the author in "Miniature," how is any new phenomenon first viewed, when seen through a magnifying glass?

5. How does the Hughes character, Emily, reveal the concept of "invented childhood"?

6. Bachelard compares what images of nature put forward by Robinet and Michelet?

7. How does Valery's knowledge of geometry fail him in regard to spiral shells?

8. What two fears are contrasted by Michaux that may coexist even though they are opposites?

9. What does Bachelard propose, to give a door sacred character? What is sacred about doors?

10. In the opinion of Bachelard, how do dreams of the shell affect the mind? What Baltrusaitis notion illustrates this effect?

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