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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Psychoanalysis of artwork is primarily an analysis of what?
(a) Isolated poetic images.
(b) Mental stability.
(c) Market value of art.
(d) The personality of the artist.

2. Rilke wrote that storms seem more aggressive and hostile where?
(a) In the winter.
(b) In the countryside.
(c) In the summer.
(d) In cities.

3. A home of other days is an example of what for Bachelard?
(a) Lost intimacy.
(b) Poetic irony.
(c) Abandonment.
(d) Memories lost in a filing cabinet.

4. What is Bachelard's metaphor of the chrysalis?
(a) From the cottage chrysalis, the winged manor flies.
(b) From the sturdy chrysalis, the delicate butterfly emerges.
(c) From the childhood chrysalis, the butterfly moves to a new house.
(d) From the unnoticed chrysalis, the flamboyant butterfly flies.

5. Why does Bachelard disagree with Bergson's metaphor of drawers to describe the human brain?
(a) A chest of drawers is finite, while the brain's capacity is infinite.
(b) He wonders how reason determines which drawer should contain each new object.
(c) Items get lost in drawers.
(d) He wonders how objects would be retrieved from the drawers.

Short Answer Questions

1. A phenomenologist considers what regarding a house?

2. When memories reside in parts of a house, which of the following is true in the author's opinion?

3. According to Bachelard, which level of a house is always dark and shadowy, like the unconscious?

4. Central to the author's main theme in "Nests," how does a simple image avoid intimidation?

5. Childhood is held motionless, states Bachelard, by dreaming of what?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the "objectivity" of a house as described by Bachelard?

2. How does Victor Hugo's character, Quasimodo, describe Notre Dame Cathedral? What functions do his feelings represent?

3. What, according to Bachelard, is a dream house?

4. Why does Bachelard claim that daydreams of nests start us dreaming of security?

5. What is a house for a phenomenologist?

6. As theorized by Bachelard, what is the main benefit of a house, and what is the significance of the house one is born in?

7. For Bachelard, how is a nest connected with the foliage of the forest?

8. What is the symbolism associated with a hermit's hut, as described in "The House, from Cellar to Garret, The Significance of the Hut"?

9. Why does Bachelard focus on the isolated poetic image, even though it is the least significant element in the composition of a poem?

10. Why does Bachelard disagree with Bergson's metaphorical use of the drawer?

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